20 April 2018

Calendari - Català; Ara i Sempre

Calendari... I used to buy one each year and had it hanged on the kitchen... now that I have a little one, I have a wood one... I miss my picture papers!! /kæləndʌrɪ/

I think I have given you a lot of clues... and is almost written the same, so I am sure you already know what is a Calendari... Oh yes, Calendari is a calendar; a chart or list displaying the days of each month and week in a year.

Here is a Calendar from this 2018 in Catalan! ;) You can download it with full definition in Tricicle.

Miena Art

Take a look at these cute gifs by the artist Miena...

Chicken Culprit by Vikki Walton - Blog Tour + Giveaway

Chicken Culprit by Vikki Walton
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Anna Freenant is trying to start again, in a new place, a new house and maybe some new friends... but a murder never entered in her plans! So now, she will have to discover the truth if she wants to continue with her new life...!

'"I have a lawyer. He's driving over from Denver today. I need a detective."
"Okay. Good to know. But maybe you haven't noticed. I'm not a detective, either."
"But I don't have, like, anyone else." As her voice rose in anguish, the guard took a step closer. Kandi got the message and lowered her voice. "I've got to find out what really happened. I can't let them pin this on me. I need you to be my Miss Marple."'

Since the first page I felt in love with this little village and all the neighbours in it. Yes, there's a killer between them, and let me say that I hope there will be more, because I can't wait to read a new mystery with all these characters. Everyone is welcoming and sweet, why reality cannot be this way?
Of course all the characters will have secrets, some of them more dangerous than others, even Anne has a few of their own, but this makes the book interesting and addictive for the reader, don't you think?
I loved how in the end, when Anne discovers the truth, she would confront all the possible killers in one room and discards one by one with their explanation for why they lied or not told totally the truth... and then we will have the killer to confess!
If you are searching for a quick read mystery, with delightful characters and some very promising series, I would recommend you to start this series, is perfect for any cozy mystery lover.
Ready to discover who killed the chicken?

Sounds interesting? Good luck in the Giveaway! ;)

19 April 2018

DirectPortrait by Federico Babina

I am sure you remember the previous post I made of Federico Babina, Architale, so today I want to share you the new project, DirectPortrait, mixing famous directors with their movies, take a look! ;)

Here are all of them...

NATEDE; A Natural Air Purifier by Clairy

I am a big lover fan, so every time I find a project to fund in Kickstarter which is plants related I always try to fund it. That's why today I want to share with you this project, the Natede, a natural air purifier.

NATEDE has the most advanced sensors and it leverages a new photocatalytic filter, which does not need to be replaced, eliminating waste and extra expenses.
Thanks to the combination of the plant with this innovative filter, this air purifier successfully eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors.

NATEDE also works with its dedicated app that allows users to monitor air pollutants and control the air flow in their space in real time.

I have backed this project and I can't wait to share my experiences with you! ;)

18 April 2018

Flors - Català; Ara i Sempre

Flors... I really like Spring! Not just because the weather it starts changing, but because the plants start blooming! /flɒs/

Today's word is related to nature... any guess? It is not so different from the English word... Flors means... Flower; the blossom of a plant; bloom.
I was searching for a beautiful poem or song to share with you, and I found this Japanese poem adapted to Catalan, I hope you like it! ;)

Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang.
Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang.

Les gotetes de la pluja                    The rain drops
van espurnejant,                    drizzle,
i a les flors del meu jardí                    and the flowers of my garden
van acaronant.              are being caress.       

Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang. 
Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!                    Xipi-xipi! Xapu-xapu!
Cling, cling, clang.                    Cling, cling, clang.

Disney Princess by Daria Art

A new way to see our famous Disney Princess created by the artist Daria.

Lost Forest Jewellery

Are you a lover of nature and forest?
Then you will love these beautiful jewellery created by Lost Forest. All the designs are handmade by bits of Ireland nature and with a 14k gold necklace. Don't you love them?

17 April 2018

Tom Bob Art (tombobnyc)

Some hilarious street art by the artist Tom Bob, enjoy!

Ploma - Català; Ara i Sempre

Can you guess what Ploma means? /plɒːmə/
It has two main meanings, one is easy with the calligraphy on the photo, the other more difficult...

So any guesses? Ploma is... yep one answer could be feather; one of the light, horny structures that form the principal covering of birds. And any idea with the other one? Ploma could be too... Fountain Pen! Yes, so different! But I suppose it comes that in the beginning they used the feather to write, so it has maintained the name.

I will share with a little part of a poem from a Catalan writer, Joan Brossa.

Les Teves Mans - Joan Brossa
Castellets de l'amor. Flames de ploma.                    Castle of love. Flames of feathers.
Són banderetes del teu parlar. Són                    They are flags of your talk. They are
i toquen sense pes, clares d'un món                    and touch without weight, clear of a world
que tu modules des dels teus Bagdads.                    that you modulate from your Bagdad.
Respires per les mans, amor. Són poma                  You breath for your hands, love. They are apple
i estel saboner quan renten els plats.                    and soapy star when they clean the dishes.