20 March 2018

15 Warm Drink Recipes by Avas Flowers

Really, can I ask for one of each of these delicious hot drinks right now? All of them seem so yummy! :)
The infographic is from Avas Flowers.

Cozy in a Cup: 15 Warm Drink Recipes to Banish The Winter Blues #Infographic

Quickstarter by Oscar Lhermitte

Ok, I have to stop looking at Kickstarter, everytime I am searching for something to post on the blog, I found something I fall in love and pledge for the product!

This time is something quite original the Quickstarter by Oscar Lhermitte, a tape with a few interesting measurements that I am sure it will be perfect to decorate my journaling creations, envelopes and even my little one boxes!
The Quickstarter is a collection of two rolls (made with vinyl) one with a Ruler and protractor and the other one with some formats and sizes...

I promise I will make a post when I'll receive the tape and with my creations with them! ;)

Desastre - Català; Ara i Sempre

Desastre is not a nice word, but we use it sweetly when we have to call our little one, el nostre petit desastre, our small "desastre"... /dəzæstrə/

Any idea? Is not very different from the english word, so I suppose you already guessed... Disaster; an overwhelming calamity or catastrophe. Do you call your loved ones any original name? Tell me!

I searched for songs and quotes with the word "Desastre" and almost all of them were quite sad, in the end I found this one, and I think is quite appropriate...

"Tots els mestres han sigut abans un desastre"
"Every master was once a disaster"

19 March 2018

Crispetes - Català; Ara i Sempre

Living in Ireland has some good things, one of them that today is bank holiday! ;) So this means I will be relaxing and reading all day, yuppy! So possibly this afternoon I'll do some Crispetes! /krɪspɛtəs/

I don't think you will guess what does Crispetes mean with just the word, it doesn't have any similarity with English, Spanish, Italian... so I have no idea where it came from, but they are Popcorn! Yes, similarity? None at all!

Today, instead of sharing a quote or song, I want to share with you an easy but delicious recipe I use with my popcorn while watching a movie at home!
You just need pop kernels (I have a popcorn machine, so I always have some pop kernels at home, I love all the different types you can find at Zaramama, but in any supermarket you can find the gold ones!) parmesan, oil, salt and pepper. And when the popcorns are done simply dress up, first with the oil (I put a little oil and salt always in the base of the bowl) and then the salt, pepper and parmesan. Mix it up, I normally jump the bowl a little, and voilà, some delicious "Crispetes" to accompany your movie! ;)

Ice-creams by Bethany Crutchfield

Take a look at these delicious ice-creams created by Bethany Crutchfield...

End Game by Matt Johnson - Blog Tour

End Game by Matt Johnson
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5

In the new book of Robert Finlay we will have secrets, murder and a poisoned chalice that everyone who sees it appears dead... will be our main character the next victim?

"'End Game' Kevin has said. It was code, well, sort of. Like saying we had one chance left. I'd never put it to test before, although I was well aware that other had. It was recognition that in desperate situation, the only option wasn't a good one and was likely to end badly. At all levers within the Regiment there was an acceptance that if being captured by enemy forces was bad enough for ordinary soldiers, for Special Forces it was always worse. And although those times had been the best part of two decades since, I knew all too well what 'end game' meant to them, and what it now meant to us. All or nothing."

This is the last book of the Robert Finlay trilogy, but let me say that you can read it perfectly without having read the previous books, but is so addictive and well written that I would recommend you to start from the beginning, this is one of those books that has a complex story and so addictive that you will not be able to stop reading till the last page.
Robert Finlay thinks that his past is buried, but when his former colleague and friend discovers that someone is spying on him, he knows that something is not right. Yes, both of them have made enemies in the past, but who could be trying to frame them with a murder and ready to kill everyone that talks about a very secret document? Robert will need the help of his friend,  the MI5 agent Toni Fellowes, who trusts and knows that even if his life is in danger she will help him.
I always read fiction, but really sometimes fiction scares me more than reality, for example in this book, Finlay is not spied by a dark agency in another country or a serial killer, he is pursued by someone in the same country he is working and with enough power to kill someone and frame his best friend for it. How can someone has so much power and no one able to stop him? I really, really, want to think that reality is not so dangerous, but then watching the news, you could see that fiction and reality are the same nightmare. Good job Matt Johnson, your book seems real and dangerous as reality, fingers crossed "the good ones" win in reality too! ;)
I hope this will not be the last adventure of Robert Finlay, I know this is the end of a chapter, but his adventures are so engaging that I want to believe I will read another of his missions soon.
Ready for a layered up plot with brave and adventurous characters that will keep you up all night?

17 March 2018

Si Fa Sol Si - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today is Saturday, so I will make the word a little bit more complicated, because is not a word is a phrase! ;) And I don't think you will discover what does it mean Si Fa Sol Si... /sɪfɑsɒlsɪ/

Because this is a sentence let me say that we use quite often, but at the same time is a hieroglyph, a music hieroglyph. So, today apart from the word I normally show you, I'll show you how we read the piano notes! ;)
Take a look at the difference...

So, what I am writing is Si Fa Sol Si, and it means If it is sunny, yes.
Sometimes learning a new language is not so boring, am I right?

Southern Discomfort by Caroline Fardig - Blog Tour

Southern Discomfort by Caroline Fardig
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

When Quinn Bellandini finds the brother of her best friend dead, she would never thought that she will be person of interest of the murder... and when Drew (the brother of the victim and Quinn's best friend) is put under arrest, she starts investigating, because she knows he is innocent and doesn't want to be the next suspect!

'"Do you hear how absurd you sound?"
"This whole thing is absurd!" I cried, lowering my voice as I got some disdainful side-eye from the other guests. "When have you ever heard of a murder happening and a dozen people having really good reasons to kill the victim?"
"Well, during last weekend's Netflix binge-watching, I seem to recall in this one episode of-"
"I mean in real life, D."
"Oh, well in real life it's always the spouse."'

This had been a quite interesting read, because you could totally understand what Quinn is feeling and why she starts investigating, she is not curious, she is really terrified to start questioning some possible suspects. But at the same time, she knows if she doesn't investigate it doesn't seem that the police will do it, they think they already have the suspect!
Of course the victim is not a saint, he has a very dark character, some debts, maybe an affair... and is divorcing her wife... so everyone has a motive, even her brother... so Quinn will have to be quite sharp if she really wants to discover the truth, this is not an easy case to decipher, be prepared for a lot of theories but not many of them are correct!
It was nice too the relation Quinn had with her family, and specially her sister Delilah, their mutual protection but not afraid to say always the truth, lovely! And be prepared for a mysterious presence... I don't believe in ghosts, but maybe in the B&B they both own there's an uncle who take care of them... 
There's a little bit of romance in the story too, a handsome school friend that seems quite interested in Quinn, but after so many failed dates, I am not sure they are ready for anything more than enemies?
If you are searching for a new cozy mystery, this had been a great read, and I am sure the next Quinn adventure will be a must read too!
Ready for a walk in Savannah?

Kung Fu Otter by Leo Xing Ming

I love these Otter and how they make Kung Fu by the artist Leo Xing Ming! ;)

16 March 2018

Stranger Things By Sophia Ayuso

I love the simplicity of Sophia Ayuso characters, take a look at the famous Stranger Things characters and tell me that you don't recognise them, because I will not believe you! ;)