30 November 2011


Fumikou are small folded packets of fragrant incense, usually enclosed with a letter paper in an envelope.
I discover them when I was in Tokyo this summer, the one's I bought where folded with washi paper.
In the blog 8tokyo, I've discovered a different kind of Fomikou, Mottaina Fumikou, made with little parts of clothes and they smell really good!
They have a worldwide shop if you want to take a look!
There's an other shop if you want to take a look at fumiokou, they sell everywhere too!

29 November 2011


M'encanten els colors de la tardor, els taronges, vermells, grocs...
Ahir, passejant per Sabadell, no vaig poder aguantar la tentació de fer fotografies als arbres amb el mòbil i l'aplicació Hipstamatic.


Who doesn't like to win a price?
This nice bag by Mustang was my price in a contest in the Cosmopolitan fan page!
It seems to be small, but has a lot of space inside to put all my accessories, I love it!
It fits with any outfit, like a jeans or a black dress... it's perfect for any occasion.
I have to thanks for have the chance to enjoy it! :)

28 November 2011


Nou projecte de trnd!
Aquesta vegada serà per provar un nou producte de la marca KH-7.
És un producte nou, que encara no està a la venta i 1000 afortunats trndians el prodran provar!
Els afortunats podran provar 3 tipus diferents de prototips de KH-7 antigreix i comentar els resultats a través dels informes, i durant el 2012 el que tingui més bons resultats sortirà a la venta!
Aqui deixo l'arxiu amb la informació.


Do you like to eat between meals?
This is your ideal snack, the N.A! is made with fruits (orange, apple, banana...) and it's 100% natural fruits!
It's ideal to have it in your pocket while you are working, it satisfies your hungry and it's natural.
There are various flavours and different sizes, take a look on their web.
If you are hungry, why don't wat something natural and tasty?

27 November 2011

Pixel Heroes

Do you miss the 8-Bit pictures?
Take a look on this pixel heroes!; they'll make you smile! :)

They are made by Jesus Castañeda and the source of the post is Bit Rebels.

Disney Traditions

Do you like to put ornaments in your tree for Christmas?
I like to buy one ornament every year and this year I've found a nice one!
The Disney Traditions combine the magic of Disney with the festivity of Christmas made buy the artist Jim Shore by Enesco. They have a lot of models and characters all of them wearing Christmas dresses!
I choose a character from the film "The Beauty and the Beast", Mrs Potts and Chip, they are really cute! :)

22 November 2011


What do you prefer natural tomato sauce or ketchup?
I supose if you have a farm you choose the natural tomato sauce, but with a burger the best company is onion and ketchup!
There are a lot of ketchup brands, but maybe the more famous is Heinz.
Now they have a new kind of ketchup, is called Heinz Primera Cosecha, made with the first tomatoes of this year (2011), and is a limited bottle!
The flavour is a little bit different of the flavour we are use to, but not less good!
If you want your personalized bottle, don't waste your time and enter to the facebook page, there are only 1000 first participans.

21 November 2011

Amazing Photos!

These surreal photos are made by Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez, they take you to a fantastic world...

The source is Bit Rebels.

La Llata

Do you know what is a Chanaerops humilis? In catalan is called Margalló and is a palm tree.
There are a lot of applications and uses for the leafs, but in the association La Llata, they make courses, exhibitions, and a lot of products!
These nice earrings are made with margalló and silver... do you like them?

If you want to know more about the applications of the margallo, don't doubt and send an e-mail!

20 November 2011

Floppy Disk

Do you remember the floppy disks?
Do you miss them?

If you want to reuse them, why do not try these nice Floppy Disk Sticky Notes by Suck Uk?
You can put them everywhere; but remember, like the old ones, they can be erased and broken!
They come with 3 different colours and models, which one is your favourite?

19 November 2011

Honey Day November 2011

This is the November shippment from Honey Day, original and amazing as usual!
This were the things that come this month...

- A Decorated Sugar Skull; It's from Mexico and is an ofrenda for the day "El dia de los Muertos", on the november first.
You can eat the skull if you want (but not all the decorations!), but is used for decorative purposes.

- Tamarind Chili Candies; They are from Mexico too.
They are made with tamarind, sugar and chili, and have a nice envelope!

- Good Good Eat Noodel Cracker; They are from Japan, and are made of ramen noodle crackers.
They are like chips, when you try one you can stop!

18 November 2011

Kamasutra Laptop

I've found this nice poster in BitRebels, take a look! :)

De Atramentis

Have you ever tried to write with a quill?
I love writting with fountain pens but not always I found the colours I want, so I usually writte with pens.
But searching on the web, I discover a different kind of inks, the smell one's!
De Atramentis has a lot of different inks; and a lot of scents to choose!
My first shippment was the chocolate and orange one, they smell really good! :)

In this shop they have all kind of inks, take a look!

17 November 2011

Curious Movie Posters!

Are you sure when you look at a poster movie that is new and unique?
Because if you take a look at this pictures and in this post, maybe you change your mind! :)

The source is bitrebels.

13 November 2011


Sometimes I like to try curious/different restaurants, and yesterday was one of those days.
I went to have dinner in Tickets, the new restaurant of Adria's brothers in Barcelona.

It is set in like a circus, and you can choose between an extense variety of "tapas".
Here there are some of the plates we ate... they were very tastefull!

Fruit impregnated with sangría as a refreshing cocktail

The olives by Tickets Marinated gordal / verdial

Jamón de toro: Slices of tuna belly painted with Iberian cured ham fat

Miniairbags stuffed with Manchego cheese and Iberian bacon

La Naranja: Orange slush flavoured with anisette

Cockles in green sauce

Mollete (bread) with dewlap

Air baguette with Iberian ham

Confit potatoes in olive oil with pork rib sauce and Iberian boiled ham

Rabbit ribs with foamed garlic mayonnaise

Almonds tepid cake with peach ice-cream

Chocolate and hazelnuts cake tribute to Antoni Escribà

Enjoy your meal!