29 February 2012

Verdura's Series

Do you eat the 5 vegetables we need for our healthy every day?
These funny characters are a way to have fun eating them!
They are from Verdura and they have shirts too! :)

The Source is: El Tornillo que te Falta

Tabasco Brand Spicy Chocolate

How about trying a spicy chocolate?
The new fashion chocolate is with dark chocolate and the spicy famous sauce from Tabasco. It comes with a tin and served like cake pieces. It's perfect in the afternoon with a black tea! :)
If you want to take a look, they sell it in Selfridges and in the Chocolate Traveler.

28 February 2012

Impossible Photography

How about letting your imagination flow?
This impossible photos are made by Eric Johansson, they are amazing! :)

The source is: Bit Rebels


While I was in London these days, I've found a nice way to mark your pages while you are reading a book!
They are from Knock Knock, called Bookmark Pad, and in every pack they come 25 sheets.
You can choose from 3 different types: Guilty Pleasure, You are Here or Reading This.
I've choose the You are Here one, in the sheet you can write some informations about the book like the date you started, if you have any notes to find...
If you have some time don't doubt to take a look at the shop, they have some nice and fun things to present! :)

21 February 2012

Formal Notices

Do you want to make any anouncement?, try on the Bureau Of Communication!
They have some funny forms to anounce your notices to all of your friends any family.

You have to apologize to anyone... try this one! :)

Do you want to make a party or a dinner... try this one! 

 You love your couple... tell them!

20 February 2012

Best Campaigns of all Time

Time to time I like to take a look at old advertises to review old times... and I've found this nice infographic, thanks to College Online, where you can take a look at the most famous slogans, campaigns... of all times...
Take a look and remeber! :)

19 February 2012

Keel's Simple Diary

Do you want to make a different diary?
The famous publisher Taschen has created a funny and original diary, called Keel's Simple Diary, where you don't have to write all of your success during the day, you only have to mark which option of the given one is more reallistic during your day.
A few years ago I've bought the volume one and now they have released volume two! :)
And I've read that in a short time they'll take out an application to have the diary on your phone! (Iphone or Android)
So... How was your day?

18 February 2012

Get Closer

These funny photographies are the advertise from the camera Lumix by Panasonic, called Get Closer.
The advertise it's from the agency JWT.
Have fun! :)

L'Occitane en Provence

Are your hands skin dry?
With a facebook promotion I had the chance to try the cream for dry skins from L'Occitane en Provence.
And after the cold we had here in Barcelona, I have to say it was really good for my skin!; after using the cream my hands were hydrated! :)

17 February 2012

20th Anniversary of the Orion Publishing Group

To commemorate the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Orion Publishing Group, they have reissued twenty of their most famous books.
The twenty special paperback editions each have an iconic cover featuring a beautiful and innovative sculpture made from china.
And if you are from UK you can enter to the competition for the chance to win a complete set of their anniversary editions!

You can watch the culptor, Ben Twiston-Davies, talking about how he created the cover sculptures.

Croc légumes

Do you eat the 5 vegetables or fruit you need every day?
I love vegetables, but some days I prefer some chips or pop-corn for snack...
Today I've found some natural snacks, Croc Légumes by Trésors Gourmdands they are great and come with a little box to take them every where!
They are two flavours one with carrots (they are orange) and the other with onion (the snack are purple!).
With this nice snacks is easy to eat natural! :)

16 February 2012

Según Joe

El blog Según Joe ha arribat als 800 seguidors, i per celebrar-ho han decidit fer un concurs!

Aquests són alguns dels complements que pots guanyar... si vols participar no tardis a apuntar-te! :)

Aracade Machine

Have you ever played with any arcade machine?
When I was young I had one green arcade machine to kill aliens, I loved to play it...
If you want to remeber how was to play with arcade machines, try this one, because while you kill some you aliens, you save money! If you want to play you have to pay! :)
It's from Paladone, they have a very extensive list of products, take a look on their catalogue.

15 February 2012


Hi ha una nova campanya de trnd!
Aquesta és molt interessant, donarà la oportunitat a 1000 trndians a poder provar la depilació làser a la clínica mèdica Pelastop.
La veritat és que algunes vegades m'he plantejat provar-la, però volia que algu m'expliqués la seva opinió personal, si és dolorós, quan de temps torna a sortir el pèl, quantes sessions són necessàries... i ja sigui una de les afortunades a provar-ho o no, sabré les respostes a aquestes preguntes i em seran de gran ajuda a decidir-me!
Aquesta és la pàgina per llegir tota la informació del projecte i per apuntar-se!


Do you know the Heinz products?
They are developing foods sine 1869, and they are famous for their sauces.
I've been lucky and I win the oportunity to try the new kethup flavour blended with balsamic vinegar!
I've tried it, and I like the flavor it gives to the food, I think I like it more than  the traditional ketchup.
I'm not sure when it will be available for buying it, but if you find it, try it! :)