31 May 2012

Flying Mouse 365

Some funny pictures from Flying Mouse 365! :)


Shandy Taronja

Quan fa calor, el que més vé de gust és una beguda fresqueta...
T'agrada la cervesa? Doncs que et sembla una Clara (cervesa amb llimonada)?
Si no t'acaba de convèncer la llimonada, no et preocupis, que a partir d'ara, gràcies a Cruzcampo ara podràs prendre la Shandy de taronja! :)
Porta poca graduació d'alcohol i és ideal per prendre en qualsevol lloc i moment!; però sobretot que estigui molt fresca!
Doncs ja ho saps, aquest estiu, quan organitzis una festa, ja no t'hauràs de preocupar de les begudes, entre la Shandy de taronja i la de llimona tindràs a tothom content! :)
He pogut provar aquest nou producte gràcies a Blogguz!

30 May 2012

Dyptique Coloured Candles

How about perfume your house with a soft colour?
The new coloured candles by Dyptique have both!

Of course you can choose between the colour or the smell...
You can be mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility with the black candle; Baies Noire.
With the baies scent recalls a bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves.

You can relax with the grey candle, because grey has a stabilizing effect; Feu de Bois.
With a smell of rare woods.

Maybe you want some energy in your life, with the green candle, because green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. So you need the Figuier Verte candle.
With a figuier scent.

Or of course you can augment you passion and lust with the red candle, Tubéreuse Rouge.
It has the nard scene.

Images to Think

I've found these images from a polish designer Capu.
Some of them are really amazing...

Flora Fauna by Lumadessa

Do you like animals?

Lumadessa is a little art and design label by Josh Brill. Focusing on limited edition art prints and design products, that implement premium materials and production methods. Resulting in timeless works with longer display lives.
The word Lumadessa originates from the words luminous meaning ‘light’ and odyssey, meaning ‘a long eventful or adventurous journey’. It’s a theme explored and employed by Josh Brill to construct visual reinterpretations of life. Lumadessa is an abstract odyssey of the luminous land around us.

29 May 2012

Vessels and Blooms Fluid Photography by Jack Long

I like to have fresh flowers in my home, I have a lot of plants!
I've found some amazing photo blooms created by Jack Long, made with fuid suspension/high in a speed photography.

Amazing!; you can fin them on flickr! :)

Cut Out Craft Book

Do you like make origami?
With the book Cut Out Craft Book, you can make a lot of things!

I've tried to make some tinny books...

And some little boxes!

There are a lot of projects to make, so... have fun! :)

28 May 2012

Cartoon Mixed by Chan Hwee Chong

How about mix some famous characters and see the result?
This original idea is from Chan Hwee Chong! :)

Gabi Rubi Illustrations

Funny little stories and illustrations from Gabi Rubi.

Maille Moustard Flavours

Do you like cooking?
I like to try new recipes on weekends and if they contain mustard better!; I love it.
When I was in Paris, I've found a lot of different flavours of the Maille Moustard.
After 10 minutes we decided to buy the "Myrtilles and Violettes" and "Tomate Séchée et Pimente D'espelte" moutards.

I tried them both like a sauce with raw cauliflower!

And after I try the "Myrtilles and Violettes" with loin on the salt, and it was amazing! :)
First I spred all the loin with the moustard and pepper, of course!

Then I cover the loin with cooking salt, and put them 1 hour and a half in the oven at 180ª.

When the loin it's done, you only have to remove it from the salt and cut it!

I accompany it with pinapple, but it's your choice! :)

27 May 2012

Avengers Cocktail

How about drinking some of the famous Avengers in cocktail and make you feel like a superhero?

In The More I Arty you'll find all of them! :)