30 November 2012

Henteco Cookies

I couldn't wait to share with you these amazing cookies created by the japanese Henteco.
I have no idea what it says on the web, but the cookies are amazing!
Maybe one day we can try it! :)

Ornamental Lettering by Boglárka Nádi

They are perfect, just to find the place to put it! :)

29 November 2012

Pine & Eucaliptus by Jo Malone

Have you tried the winter escent for these Christmas by Jo Malone, Pine & Eucaliptus?
Pine & Eucalyptus is the scent of Christmas morning. And this luxurious collection is the ultimate way to experience its exhilarating aroma. A magical way to fill your home with the scent of the season.

Brimming with the scent of crisp pine and eucalyptus. Laced with lavender, cypress and frankincense. An impressive way to greet guests and style any space for Christmas.

Lip Series by Karla Powell

A series of lip designs created by Karla Powell inspired by the concept 'Colour Run' working with Photographer Jayesh Pankhania, Retouching by High Def Retouching and the beautiful Jemma Jade Saare who was the lip model.

27 November 2012

Papertoys de Noël by Studio Momoki

Are you missing something in your Christmas tree?
How about the Papertoys de Noël by Studio Momoki?
They are easy to make and really cute! :)

The source is Papertoys.

Urban Gridded Earrings by Aminimal

I'm always looking for original earrings and these gridded earrings are very originals!
These mnemonic earrings created by Aminimal will help you reminisce about great times spent in the city you love. :)

Central Park

 San Francisco

Washington DC 

 Las Vegas


26 November 2012

Concrete 100% by Hand Made Font

I would like to have any of these originals products of Hand Made Font! :)

Pearlescent by Ciaté

I have tried my new adquisiton by Ciaté, the Oil Sick and Spending Spree! :)

The Oil Sick gives off the most beautiful multi chrome gold green effect just like an optical illusion. Its sophistication is second to none and will instantly glam up any outfit.
And it goes perfect with Spending Spree, I love to wear them both!

25 November 2012

Cassandra Graus Cats

I love the cute cats of Cassandra Graus! :)

Bcn & Cake 2012

Després d'aixecar-nos molt aviat per arribar a la fira i esperar-nos 45 minuts per entrar, en previsió de la cua que hi havia, hem pogut entrar a les 10 a la Bcn & Cake!
Tot i que hi havia moltes paradetes, en la majoria podies els mateixos productes però a diferents preus.
El que més m'ha agradat de tota la fira han sigut els dissenys dels pastissos i les galetes, Impresionants! :)


I els pastissos a concurs...