30 April 2013

Plasmid Posters by Andy Gimson

Which super power do you want?
Take a look at these posters (Plasmid Posters) created for the game Bioshock by Andy Gimson...

Bling It On Denim & Studs by Nails Inc.

Are you a denim fan?

You have to try the original denim polish Denim & Studs by Nails Inc. with a denim effect finish. It drys really quickly!

It comes too with gold and silver stars embellishments to make your manicure more amazing! :)

It's a limited editions, so don't think about it too much! 

29 April 2013

Units of Measure by Acre

I love these posters of Units of Measure by Acre, they are very detailed and curious! :)

Janice Nadeau Illustrations

Some cute Illustrations of a french artist, Janice Nadeau.

Wagashi of Minamoto Kitchoan

Do you want to try some amazing traditional Japanese confectionery?

If you ever go to London, New York or San Francisco, you have to visit the Minamoto Kitchoan shop! They sell some amazing Japanese confectionary like these...

RASUKU (Melba Toast)
A crunchy little sweet toast, perfect with a sweet tea...

The famous Doriyaki but some Matcha inside! :)

The crunchy toast  but some matcha tea, amazing!

A sweet cookie with vanilla inside... it's a sure thing.

28 April 2013

Imagine the Possibilities by Magpie Studio

Just Imagine... by Magpie Studio.

Maker Faire Newcastle 2013

Yesterday we were at the Maker Faire in Newcastle!
We enjoyed all the workshop from the faire, some of them were really nice!
One of them was to construct your own Robot Led pin...

It was not difficult, but was my first time soldering, it was a nightmare...

But finally I had my own robot! :)

27 April 2013

Lego Colour Minifigures by JéRôMe

Some funny colour Lego Figures from JéRôMe! :)

MYIA Diamonds

"Diamonds are a girl best friend"
If you love diamonds you have to take a look at the original jewellery created by MYIA and inspired of course, by diamonds!
Take a look...

Diet Coke by Marc Jacobs

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Diet Coke, the designer Marc Jacobs had created 3 limited edition metal Diet Coke bottles.
I was lucky and yesterday I've found one of these pretty bottles! I think I didn't drink this one...

Have you seen the sexy ad in the photo booth?
Take a look, and remember you'll need a Diet Coke to refresh you! :)

26 April 2013

Yoshii Creatures

I love to have one of the Yoshii Creatures in my hands!

Don't you think they are cute? :)

Tea-Towels by Sarah Young

Want to take a look at my future birthday present?
These are some curious and lovely Tea-Towels from Sarah Young, with silkscreen design on 100% cotton
You can use them as a dish-towel or follow the printed instructions sewn and stuffed to make a bright, attractive child's toy or cushion. Or if you want, you can fill them with dried beans and make a door stop!
I love all the designs... I'm wondering which of them to buy! :)

25 April 2013

Evolutions by 9GAG

Take a look at the Evolutions of some famous actors... :)

The original idea is from 9GAG!

Crafty Creatives April Box 2013

How about a little box with some new and nice products to make your own DIY?

This is my first box with Crafty Creatives and I can assure you I'll repeat!
I'll show you all the amazing stuff it comes with the box, and in the next weeks I'll show you what projects I'll do with them, do you like the idea? :)
First of all, the presentations card with a cute picture from Catherine Moody...

Do you know Jumping Clay? With this month I have two little samples of this new product! (white and blue)

A 100% blue cotton fabric... 

Glitter and Seed Beads from Stix2, to make some nice jewellery...!

A Mink Blank Canvas... I'm not sure what to do with it... but I'll think of something!

Some blue felt balls from Nepal, this will be my first project! :)

Three pots of 59ml Americana Acrylic paint, to enjoy painting...

A few glass beads from Musha Makes, to enjoy making more jewellery...

Two blue bird pendants to enjoy the spring! 

Two A5 textured sheets to make some nice cards...

And the CC Kit, to make your own bluebird mobile! :)