31 December 2014

Pictures by James Chapman

Some funny illustrations (and translations) from James Chapman.

Happy New Year's Eve 2014

Some of you, today, will be toasting with friends and family wishing for a better year in 2015.
I have found these cute toys to add to your champagne flutes, it will add some festivity to your toast!

You can find all the products at Kitan.

30 December 2014

Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy

Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy
Genre: Romance, History
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Callie stepparents decided to sell all their stuff and properties and start an amazing journey to California. Of course this journey, to Callie, will be an immersion to herself and an improvement to who she will want to be at the end of their trip.
Callie is treated like a slave from her parents and sisters, but during the trip she will start feeling brave and more selfconfident, so all the family will have to change their perception about her and start treating her with more respect.

"You have something to say, Mister McGraw?"
"Yes, I have something to say. From what little I've seen, you do more than your share. By now, isn't this debt you feel you owe paid in full?"
Nobody had ever asked her such a question before. No one had ever cared that much to ask. "It's a debt that will never be paid in full."
He frowned at her answer. "Do you want to spend the rest of your life being treated like a, like a..."
"Yes, servant." He sounded annoyed. "That's not right."
"Perhaps not, but that's my lot in life."

Shirley Kennedy guides us to an introspective journey where the most dangerous perils are inside ourselves and the only way to won is not to be afraid of the change. This doesn't mean that she will not only face herself during the journey, but she will also have to fight against snow, fear or hunger. Because this trip will have indians, fire and murders.
For Callie the most important thing in her life is her family, but seems that she doesn't see how bad they threaten her.
I was amazed that after all the painful things the family made to Callie she still wants to help them arrive to California, no matter what. For me this is the bravest thing she makes, because she knows that they will not appreciate her help, but she knows that, without her, they will die, and she risks her life for them. This is a beautiful reminder of Cinderella; one way or other she will stand for herself, and fight back. And the prince, of course, will never doubt her!
So, will the shoe fit for Callie?

Catmasutra cat art by Paul Koh

Cute Catmasutra cat art! :)

29 December 2014

Cute Birds by Yijian Studio

The cutest birds with glasses you'll ever see! :)
You can take a look at all the Yijian Studio work here.

Coca-Cola x OPI

It's been a long time since I didn't post any beauty products, I am trying to learn to sew and I don't have many time left...

But today in the airport I found at last this cute Polar Bear, a special collaboration between OPI and Coca-Cola. I have been searching for one bear all of this year, and they where sold out everywhere!

So now I have adopted this cute bear and one winter inspired nail lacquer; with white hearts and some red and white dots. I love it! :)
Which is your favourite winter nail lacquer?

28 December 2014

Islands - Numerology by Shahin Haghjou

Take a look at these original islands created by the artist Shahin Haghjou... Islands or Numbers?

Imaginary numeric islands where each island is named in the language of its supposed geographical location.

Nail Art Designs Infographic by Bellezza

Some amazing nail designs for this New Year's Eve!
Enjoy this Infographic from Bellezza.

27 December 2014

Hello Kitty by Ribbonesia

Take a look at these cute Hello Kitty made with ribbons! It's from the brand Ribbonesia, they have a lot of cute ribbons! :)

Liberty by Panda's Ana

Be free from all the restrains that bind you. Wreck all of the old ideas that tie you. Even more, be free of the idea "free" itself. The usual "liberty" is not perfect freedom. 

26 December 2014

1000 COLOURS by Clemens Habicht's

1000 COLOURS is a CMYK colour gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces. Each tile is an individual colour and the task is to place each colour exactly in relation to every other colour. 

I want one this Christmas! and you?

Your donation can save lives by Fundação Pró-Sangue

Are you a blood donor?
Here is the advertising fromFundação Pró-Sangue, your donation can save lives!

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Creative Directors: Leo Macias, Hugo Rodrigues
Art Directors: Elias Carmo, Rodrigo Guaxupé, Bastien Grisolet, Marjorie Vardo
Copywriters: Kiko Mattoso, Rafael Barreiros
Sound: Lauriane Dula
Account Director: Gabriela Borges
Agency Producers: Selma Momosse, Simone Mena
Illustrator: Ashley Mckenzie
Production Managers: Jean and Luc Chirio, Rita Vilarim

25 December 2014

Slate: Dig further than the news

Sometimes is true, you don't have to stick with just you read or listen on the news, because there's more story beside the notice.
That's what tries to teach us on Slate.

Advertising Agency: Havas 360, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Thomas Derouault
Creative Director: Alban Penicaut
Art Directors: Franck Lebraly, Alfred Pelamatti
Copywriters: Alban Penicaut, Antoine Palle, Cédric Guillossou
Agency Producer: Cécile Ousset
Co-CEO: Matthieu Habra
Illustrator / Graphic Concept: We Are TED
Account Director: Alexandre Jozefowicz
Account manager: Corinne Schorpp

Cadbury, Snow Bites

It seems that this year we will not have a very snowy winter, but thanks to Cadbury we can have a snow fight!

Have you been lucky enough to receive one of these presents? So you have been invited to the snow fight ball?

Apart from the happiness of receiving a present on the post, these snowballs are delicious! With milk chocolate in crisp sugar shells dusted with icing sugar.
And it was a good refreshment on the flight returning home for Christmas! :)

23 December 2014

Christmas Coloring Pages by Nicole's

If you are searching for some activity for your kids while you are preparing Christmas, you will love these coloring pages from Nicole's. They have cute illustrations and are Christmas related!

Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose

Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Crime
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Ready to spend your next 72 hours in tension, without eating nor sleeping?
You will feel the pain, the fear, the sorrow of Corinne and Roza, because they are kidnapped by a serial killer who just want to pass the time torturing his guests.
Faith´s days will not be easy, she will have to survive a few attempts to murder her and discover that she is not just escaping from a stalker, she is the target of a serial killer. Everything seems connected to Faith´s legacy, is the murderer nearer than she thinks?

"This will all be mine some day, Faith, and when I die it'll be yours, so pay attention. This is your legacy and it's high time your learned to appreciate it."
The memory of her mother's voice doused her excitement. She could recall the fear that had filled her at her mother's words, like it was yesterday. "But I don't want my legacy, she'd replied. Not if it makes you die, Mama".
An affectionate tug on her pigtail. "Silly girl, I'm not going anywhere for years and years. You'll be Gran's age before this place is yours".
And in her eight-year old eyes Gran was already ancient. "Then I have lots of time to learn about my "legacy", don't I?"
This is another gripping, fascinating book of Karen Rose.
She's one of my favourite writers and she didn't disappoint me with this catchy book.
I was expecting the Deacon story, with his white hair and his special eyes! He is a hero or a superhero? With his super jacket and the Kevlar you can get confused...
Faith will be his perfect match, intelligent, curious and ready to risk her life for anyone she cares.
They will have to live some very frightening moments together, but if they survive maybe they will have a little bit more relaxed life, don't you think?
Like always, Karen had made an amazing thriller, with lots of death and curious plot twists (of course the killer will not be the one who you are expecting!).
 I wonder which will be the next "hero" book... Adam? Maybe we will know what is really happening to him... or Dani? it would be interesting have a psycho doctor!
Ready to spend your next 72 hours without eating nor sleeping and in tension? The danger is closer than you think...

22 December 2014

Let there be light by Bettina Güber

Some amazing flower photographies by Bettina Güber! :)

Cat Burger Pillow

Can you imagine a hamburger cuter than this one?
It's a lovely burger pillow for cats (or little dogs, of course!) and your pet will love it! The only problem is they only sell it at Amazon Japan...