28 February 2015

Bad Disney by Mebzart

Sometimes our favourite Disney characters are not so good as we expect... here are their police photos...
The funny illustrations are from the artist Mebzart.

Pechkeks, the misfortune cookies!

If you are having a party this weekend, these are the perfect cookies to enjoy your guests. The Pechkeks cookies, instead of giving you a cute message, they give you bad luck! 

They are black, but very tasty, and the note inside is just for tough people... Ready for the misfortune cookies?  I advise you, you will have your tongue black after eating them! :)

 My bad luck advise...

27 February 2015

Football Earthly Branches by Sakiroo Choi

Some of the best football players of the Champions League 2014/2015! :)
From the artist Sakiroo Choi.

Meat Feet by Sock Insurance

These are not the typical socks you can find anywhere... The Meat Feet are the perfect copy of your favourite meat and they have too a special insurance, if you ever lost any of their socks, they will send you a new one!
A funny and original way to captivate you with these curious socks! :)

25 February 2015

Crush & Burn by Lisa Gardner

Crush & Burn by Lisa Gardner
Genre: Mystery
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

Nicky Frank has been in a car accident but she only can think of finding her daughter Vero... but she has no children... This is her third mysterious accident, and she didn't remember anything, including her name. What is happening to her? Who wants to harm her?
Sergeant Wyatt Foster doesn't know what to think about this case, who is really Vero? Is she missing? Is Nicky telling the truth?

"I dreamed the first time I saw you,' he murmurs, his voice low and husky. "I spotted you accross the proverbial crowded room. You weren't looking at me at all. But I saw you and I... I felt I'd waited my whole life just for that moment. To find you. You consumed me, Nicky. You still do."

This is the first time I read something from the writer Lisa Gardner, this is a mystery book with some original twists, but sometimes is a little bit boring and repetitive. I missed some knowledge about Wyatt's personal life and his coworkers... However, I know this is the problem when you start reading a series on the third book...
We know Nicky only wants to know the truth, she doesn't want to harm anyone but maybe Vero is the one that wants to harm her...
Lisa Gardner's book reminds me of Sophie Hannah, they way both of them evolve their characters and with the mystery plots behind the simple life and the secrets that haunt them...
This crash will leave you with some fire smell... ready to fly Vero?

Handimals by Javier Perez

Mixing animals and hands... it's a curious idea, but really great!
Enjoy the Handimals created by Javier Perez.

23 February 2015

Shirin Tada Illustrations

A little bit of humour to put a smile on your face this "sunny" Monday...
These illustrations are from the artist Shirin Tada, enjoy! :)

Tago Arc

Can you imagine having a bracelet that can change the design every day?

This is the Tago Arc creation, a bracelet that allows you to choose the design you want to wear. The basic colours are gold, black and silver you just have to choose what print want to have on your bracelet.

This is an Indiegogo campaign, they are still 19 days to contribute with this amazing product, be quick! :)

20 February 2015

You're not romantic when you're hungry by Snickers

Have you seen the new Snickers advertising, You Are Not You When You Are Hungry?
These are the Valentine's special edition, they are so funny! :)

Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Directors: Gianfranco Arena, Peter Kain
Associate Creative Directors: Justin Bilicki, Matt Herr
Executive Art Producer: Betsy Jablow
Global Account Director: Susannah Keller
Account Director: Josh Steinman
Account Manager: Dylan Green
Group Planning Director: Crystal Rix
Senior Planner: Alaina Crystal
Photo Illustrator: Blake Morrow
Photographer: Billy Siegrist