29 June 2016

Animal Mask Shark by BRTC

Have you seen the original and funny new masks from the Korean brand BRTC?

They not only make you an animal for a few minutes, they will soothe your stressed skin and irritation and improve your damaged skin!

Please don't be scared with my Shark face!

Here's the mask alone!

28 June 2016

The Pinot Meow

Can you imagine share your wine time with your cat?
Now is it possible thanks to the Pinot Meow, is it made with all-natural organically grown catnip, fresh beets and natural preservatives to help hold the taste and colour. 
You will enjoy your wine with the company of your loved feline!

The source is Bored Panda.

Iroha Nature Foot Socks Xtra Fresh

When I travel, the part of my body that hurts more always are the feet! So many hours seated and just a few minutes to walk to the toilet are not enough to my feet, so after a long flight I need a few hours to recover them. This time, I decided to try the foot socks from Iroha Nature.
It's an intensive feet and toenail treatment for tired feet with menthol; with urea and 11 natural extracts!
I can say that after a one day trip to Tokyo, after just 20 minutes with these socks my feet where like new!

I highly recommend you that if you will be making a long trip or just need a feet relax moments, don't doubt to try the Iroha Nature Socks!

27 June 2016

Anatomia Natural by Emilio Jiménez

Take a look at these black and white natural photos by Emilio Jiménez, you will love them!

The source is Bored Panda.

Last Dance in Havana by Rosanna Ley #QuercusSummer

Every time I read a book it makes me fly around the world with an extraordinary adventure, this summer I decided that the Quercus Books will travel with me around the world. Would you like to join our trips?
We will start with the Last Dance in Havana by Rosanna Ley, he had enjoyed very much Japan, take a look...

On the plane...

In Shinjuku...

Of course we can not visit Tokyo without tasting the delicious Japanese food! 

 The Tokyo city views from the Sky Tree are amazing!

 The famous towers in Tokyo are worth viewing for all the tourists!

Last Dance in Havana by Rosanna Ley
Genre: Fiction, Love
Source: Quercus
Rating: 5/5

This is the story of Elisa and Grace, and how their life and love are intimately related with the Havana. Enjoy the trip!

"The walls were painted red and black and it was indeed like walking into a grotto, the lighting was low, a fug of smoke hung heavy in the air, and shimmering, perspiring bodies heaved and twirled on the dance floor to the salsa rhythm being played by the band. Elisa's jaw dropped open and she forced herself to swallow hard. She had grown up with dance - but not this kind of dance. It seemed to exude something she couldn't quite understand, a sensuality that was as yet unknown."

I have to say I loved this book, I couldn't put it down! I finished it during the flight to Tokyo, so it was too short!
Reading this book was feeling the warmth and the intimacy of the Rumba, have you ever danced it?
It's a constant flirting of emotions, sentiments and colors, reading the Last Dance in Havana it will make you feel the sun touching your skin and listening a soft music in the air!
Grace has a sad story, the love of her life died years ago, and now she is getting old and missed her natal city Havana... Grace marriage is falling apart and sees traveling to Havana as a way to disconnect from her problems... Will Havana´s atmosphere heal all their wounds?
If you are searching for a book to enjoy the summer, disconnect and be transported to another place, this is for you, you will not regret it!
Can you feel the music in your skin?

26 June 2016

Awamoko 3D

When I was a child I loved playing with the soap bubbles, and you?
Now thanks to this original pen, Awamoko 3D you will be able to make cute creatures with your hand soap!
It will be available to buy from July in Japan! :)

The source is Rocket News.

Blame by Nicole Trope

Blame by Nicole Trope
Genre: Fiction
Source: TBC
Rating: 5/5

Two families devastated and broken by an accident... but was it really an accident?

"She really would like to know if there is any point in her continuing to exist, continuing to feed and dress herself, or even get out of bed in the mornings. She doesn't think she has ever looked this thin and this old. At a certain point, she seems to have crossed a boundary between waif-like and haggard."

This is the story of Anna, Maya and Caro, how their problems where so big they wouldn't control their life and how they try to cope with them.
This book will be with me for a long time, I felt a strong connection with Anna and Caro that I have never felt with any other book.
Their story is sad, really sad, Anna has an autistic daughter, Maya, how Anna can get up every day knowing that her daughter will never want her touch or talk about her day has to be really difficult, she loves her, but she doesn't now how to connect with her.
Caro, she had 6 spontaneous abortions, the last one with 5 months pregnant, a boy... Who hasn't been scared during the pregnancy of the spontaneous abortions? Imagine 6!
We will learn the story of Caro and Anna with the police interviews, from the day they meet till Maya's accident. Step by step we will understand their decisions and thoughts till the sadly moment where everything will change...
I loved this book, I cried and cheer up with Anna and Caro stories, and I didn't want to finish the book, I wanted to know more about them!
I highly recommend this book, the story is so powerful and real that you will feel their emotions in your own skin.
Are you real happy?

25 June 2016

Food Not Food by Kristina Lechner

Can you see what type of "food" are made these food?
Enjoy the Food Not Food by Kristina Lechner.

The source is Bored Panda.

Rocketbook Wave

Last year I shared with you the Rocketbook campaign, this year I can share my experience with it!

Can you imagine a notebook that you can re-use it as many times as you want?

This is how the Rocketbook Wave works; you write on it, synchronize it with your smart phone and then erase everything with the microwave! This is the best notebook ever, I can assure you!

 And now I can start again!

24 June 2016

Sweeties by Romain Trystram

Just enjoy these amazing Sweeties from Romain Trrystram!


When I was a child I had an extensive pin collection, but I thought it was old-fashioned...
Today I discovered Pintrill, where you can find some amazing pins and they are all really fashion!
Here are my favourites, take a look and you will want to buy all of them!

23 June 2016

Danone: Spoon F2016

Can you guess which are the fastest airplanes?
Take a look...

Danone: Spoon F2016
Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Rui Branquinho 

Head Of Art: Felipe Pavani 

Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Laura Esteves
Art Director: Ronaldo Fonseca
Copywriter: Thiago Espeche
Illustrator: Feppa Rodrigues
Art Buyers: Monica Beretta, Stephanie Wang 

Print Production: Ronaldo Cavalcante 

Client Services: Alessandro Cardoni, Fernanda Ricci
Planning: Paulo Vita, Tatiana Tsukamoto, Mayra Carbone
Media: Gustavo Gaion, Inajá Ramos

Neom Organics, London

I like the concept that we can sleep, energize, de-stress or be happy with just a smell. That's why I tried the Neom Organics, they have some amazing perfumes to try and they can change your mood with a few hours of smelling it.

I have tried the scents of Happy, Sleep, De-stress and Energy, each of them amazing, with a natural and herby smell, and the results are impressive! 
My favourite is the Energy scent with grapefruit, lemon and rosemary!

If you live in the UK, there's an offer where you can try all the scents and just pay the shipment, I strongly recommend you to try it, and tell me which one you prefer! :)

22 June 2016

Week of sleeping cups by Ilya Kazakov

Funny and original illustrations of some Sleeping Cups by Ilya Kazakov! :)

Kailijumei lipsticks

Take a look at the most beautiful lipstick you will ever see, the Kailijumei lipsticks.

They are completely transparent with a flower inside! The most amazing thing is that they change their colour depending on your corporal temperature, so no one will have the same lips colour as you! 
They have a soft lavender scent and they are completely natural; candelilla resin, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, citric acid, plant extracts, stearyl alcohol, grape seed oil and lavender oil
They are sold out, but you can preorder one, and they will send it to you next week, I already choose mine, and you?