31 January 2018

Ipnot, Embroidery Food

Take a look at these beautiful embroidery food by Ipnot.

Hydra by Matt Wesolowski - Blog Tour

Hydra by Matt Wesolowski
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5

This is Six Stories, a poadcast by Scott King who will share with us the case of Arla Macleod. She was incarcerated in a mental-health institution for killing her mother, father-in-law and sister with a hammer. Ready?

"It's my fault, I know. I should have listened to the warnings. You spend a long time opening a door and when you finally get it open, you stand before that opening, staring at the place you've always wanted to go. You don't realise, you don't even think, that maybe something's looking back at you, that something's been waiting on the other side and wants to get through that door too.
You can't escape darkness."

This book is brilliant, original and twisted. Matt Wesolowksi did it again, a fabulous book with an engaging plot (even scary sometimes) and surprising. If you are searching for something different this is your book, a must read.
When I started the book I was afraid that it wouldn't be as good as the previous one, Six Stories, but I am glad to say I was wrong. In this case, we know who is the killer, what Scott tries to understand is what made Arla act like she did and why no one prevent it. We will "listen" to 6 people including Arla that will try to explain how was her life, sharing their stories and trying to explain what was happening in Arla's life in the moment of the murder. There are a few important questions in this book that made me think about my life; how parents can help their children when they are growing up? Of course ignoring them is not a good answer, but sometimes trying to talk to them is tricky... And the other one is how can we help someone with a mental illness? I don't have an answer for this one, but I suppose the answer would be talking to an expert?
These are just a few of the questions that popped into my mind after reading this book, but I think that a book that makes us change our way to see life or to change how we act is always good. It means that has affected you and interacted with you, something that I love.
Do you believe in other worlds?

30 January 2018

Sometimes The Best Medicine Of All Is Called Hope, Make-A-Wish Advertising

Make-A-Wish is not a last wish — it’s a lasting wish. For many kids, Make-A-Wish is a turning point in their recovery. Meeting a princess or a sports hero, those experiences turn into hope. And hope has benefits that are as positive as any medicine can be.

Advertising Agency: gyro, Chicago, USA
Executive Creative Director: Doug Kamp
Group Creative Director: Ted Wahlberg
Creative Director: Andy Mamott
Associate Creative Director: Don Dunbar
Art Directors: Matt Olson, Raphael Cabrera
Junior Art Director: Zane Barry
Director of Digital Delivery: Vic Emond
President: Chris Hill
Account Executive: Tim Offenburger
Media Director: Diane Vor Keller
Content Strategist: Whitney Hinson
Head of Production: Natalie Snyder

The source is Ads Of The World.

The Daughter by Lucy Dawson - Review

The Daughter by Lucy Dawson
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3'5/5

"Ben would think I'd gone mad if I did that, and probably he would be right. No, he was definitely right! She couldn't miss a whole day of school just because of something I'd imagined happening. Plus, it'd look really weird to Mattie's mum if we did an about-turn now, and then I'd have to phone in sick to work to look after her. I took a deep breath. It was all going to be fine."

Lucy Dawson is one of my favourite authors, her characters are well described and you could feel their emotions on your skin. This book is touchy and emotional, but it didn't have the suspense of her other books, that's why my rating is low compared to the others. Don't get me wrong, the book is great, a nail bitting story, suspenseful and unsettling, but I discovered all the plot since the beginning, so I missed the surprise to discover the truth.
First of all, Jess, our main character, has lost her daughter and tries to live with the grief, but everything continues to remind of her precious Beth. She has a new husband and a little son, but after a few surprising events in her life, it seems that her deepest secret could go out hurting all her loved ones... Has she learned from the past that secrets inside a family are no good? And what really makes me question is how much does she loves her family and is she ready to protect them?
I will make a few spoilers, so if you don't want to know more about the plot, stop reading!
I've always been against cheating on a marriage, but if your husband/wife cheats you, I don't think it is normal to hate the other person whom your partner has cheated, and you? It's not the first time I've read something similar and it always surprises me, who really has broken your trust and relation is your partner, not the other person! And let me say that I love my partner very much, but I am not sure how much I would risk my son's life to simply forget his "slipping moment"... 
What would you do to protect your family?

29 January 2018

Kim Youngju Illustrations

Really cute illustrations by the artist Kim Youngju, enjoy! ;)

A Small World Around Stamps

If you are following me on Instagram (mpr2000) I am sure you have seen all the letters I am writing lately. It started when I moved here (in Ireland). I was pregnant and didn't have anyone so I decided to start searching for people around the world to talk and chat with my big tummy without having to walk through the wind and rain we have here! So now, you could say I am more addicted than ever to stationery, because let's be true, I always been quite addicted to it... ;)
So today, for the ones that love writing letters and making friends around the world, I want to show you these beautiful stamps called A Small World Around Stamps, they are great to decorate the "pay" stamps you buy and at the same time they are original and funny, take a look at my favourites...

I still haven't bought any, still deciding if I buy all of them or just a couple... what do you think I should do?

28 January 2018

If 2018's Oscar-Nominated Movie Posters Told The Truth by The Shiznit

I found these posters refreshing and funny, sometimes the truth is too much, but enjoy this True Movie Posters by The Shiznit. ;)

Steiff Necklace

I am not sure if you know the Deutsch brand Steiff, it's a renowned top quality toys, the most famous is their teddy bear, so cute!
But today I want to share with you their so cute necklaces, you can choose between an elephant or their famous bear. 

The little bear stands at 7 cm and is made from high-quality artificial silk plush material. The bear is attached to a band with pearls. This cute little guy is wearing a butterfly collar and is shipped with a small bag for safekeeping.

The little elephant is made from the finest wool felt and has an adorable height of 6 cm.  He was given a little "button" in his ear, making this decorative pendant a real eye-catcher. The necklace is delivered in a small bag for safekeeping.

27 January 2018

The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney - Blog Tour

The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Rating: 4'5/5

The house at “One Folgate Street” seems perfect; cheap, modern and completely computeris. A dream come true for anyone... the only problem is that the owner has a few restrictions and requirements before you could be the new tenant... ready?

"I feel like a character in a film. Amongst so much good taste, the house somehow makes me walk more elegantly, stand in a more considered way, place myself within each vista for maximum effect. There's no one to see me, of course, but One Folgate Street itself seems almost to become my audience, filling the spare spaces with quiet, cinematic scores from Housekeeper's automated playlist."

This had been a surprising, twisted and addictive read... I don’t understand why I didn’t read it before, is a must read!
The story is told between the past (Emma) and the present (Jane) and how the house changed their life, for good or bad... I think this was really the meaning of the house and the architect that created it (now the owner), with all the restrictions and questionnaires, making the people living there become their true self, without masks or subterfuges, what you see is what they really are. Scary isn't it? 
As we start reading the book, we feel that there's one more character in the book that doesn't have any voice, but is always there, the (scary) house, having their own mind and personality and making Emma and Jane confront their worst fears and secret desires... and I am not sure they like what they discover; they move to the house to change their past, but it seems they will hunt them forever.
I have to say that the two stories become one, told at the same time, making the reader become frightened for their life, because you could feel there will be blood, but what we really don't know is who is really the dark shadow we see on the rear of our eye... is it Edward? The owner of the house and lover of Emma and Jane? He has a lot of secrets and quite a curious way to act but why killing? Or there's someone/something else with more motives than we think?
Please, take a chance on "The Girl Before" I am sure you will not be able to put it down!
Ready for the house of your dreams?

Barcelona Little Planets by Bruno Alencastro

Let me say that I was not really sure if I should share with you these creations or not. The idea is really original and that made me decide to share them with you, the problem is that the artist didn't make a very intensive study of what he was really photographing... I know Barcelona, I've been living there, and reading that the artist called "Palacio" to one of our famous museums, MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) was a little bit offensive, to say the least. And I know that not all the languages use dieresis in their nouns, but if you make a photo of somewhere which has the name on it, it would be nice to use the correct name: Montjuïc. I will not to say anything about the flag shared in all the Barcelona photos, I would be entering in a discussion I don't have energy now to start!
Apart from that, take a look at the Bruno Alencastro little worlds of Barcelona (Catalonia), don't forget it.

The source is My Modern Met.

26 January 2018

Survival Of The Fritters by Ginger Bolton - Blog Tour + Giveaway!

Survival Of The Fritters by Ginger Bolton
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Emily Westhill knows her regulars, so when she finds her sweet friend Georgia Treetor dead, she can not stay without doing anything to find the killer, of course it would not be so easy...

'"Bring the cake outside." I slung the towel around my neck and gathered cutlery, plates, napkins, and a candle. Outside, I gave Brent the towel, set the almost-dry patio table, and lit the candle.
The cake looked almost as fudgy as the icing. Lois cut it in generous slices. We sat down, and Brent wrapped the towel around his lower legs. "I hope no one wants me to jump up and chase a criminal", he deadpanned.
I gave him a fake serious look. "You'll be surprised how quickly I can whip that towel away."'

A mystery book with cats and donuts involved always sounds great, imagine if the main character is sharp, bold and has a big heart, we can not ask for anything else!
This is a quite complicated case, because it's not only that one of Emily's best clients had been murdered, but Emily's husband was killed in the searching for the killer of an old case... and both of them seem to be mixed. So this would be personal for Emily, she has to catch the killer to keep her husband's memory, and maybe start living again?
Emily will have the help of her old friend Brent, a detective. They have some past together but maybe it’s the moment to make a step further? Time will tell...
This had been a a quick and interesting read, this is the first book of the Deputy Donut Mystery, but I am sure we will read more about these lovely characters and the delicious recipes at the end of the book will help us to be entertained while we wait for the next novel!

Interested? Good Luck In the Giveaway!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And I am luck to share a Guest Post from the author with you, enjoy! ;)
WHILE IT’S HOT by Emily Westhill from SURVIVAL OF THE FRITTERS by Ginger Bolton

The laughter coming from one of the big tables beside the front windows of Deputy Donut wasn’t unusual. The retired ladies who called themselves the Knitpickers and spent weekday mornings in our coffee shop were nearly always laughing.
What was unusual was the glum silence of the retired men at the other large table, just across our shop’s central aisle from the women. Most days, the men were also laughing, and often teasing the women, who teased them right back.
Coffee carafe in hand, I hurried to the men’s table and refilled mugs “Is anything wrong?” I asked them.
“Why?” one demanded.
“You’re so quiet.”
Finally, they laughed. “We don’t have to talk all the time, Emily,” one said.
The Knitpickers were still giggling. I went over to their table. One woman was cradling her mug between her hands.
The others grinned at her. “It’s like she’s afraid we’re going to take her coffee away.”
She pretended to be affronted. “I’m warming my hands.” She lifted the mug and drank about half of her coffee.
“See?” one of the others said. “She always gulps it down like that, while the rest of us sip at ours, savor it, and make it last. She must be certain we’re going to steal her coffee.”
The woman smiled and drank the rest of the coffee. “I raised six kids,” she explained. “Do you know what babies are told before they’re born?”
One woman rubbed her tummy and chanted, “I love you, I love you, I love you?”
The mother of six shot her an appreciative look. “We tell them that, but the universe tells them to never let their mothers finish a meal while it’s hot. And coffee? Are you kidding? I drank mine cold, if I got any at all, for over twenty years. I’m making up for that now.”
One of the women beckoned me closer. “Don’t look now, but did you notice that man in the back corner?”
I nodded. I’d taken him an espresso a few minutes before. He was tall with gray hair and smile wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. He’d spent the entire time he’d been inside Deputy Donut looking at his phone.
“Do you know who he is?” the woman asked. “Has he been here before?”
“No, and no,” I answered.
“Could he be Dorn Yule?”
“Who’s Dorn Yule?”
My innocent question caused a flurry of indignation. “She doesn’t know who Dorn Yule is!”
“How old are you, Emily?” they asked.
“Nearly thirty.”
They nodded. One said, “That explains it. You’re too young. Dorn was raised here in Fallingbrook, but he left here in the seventies for Hollywood. He was a big star. And we’ve been ogling him.” Giggling at him, too, it seemed. “He was looking absolutely swoony over his espresso, then he chugged it.”
The mother of six placed her right hand over her heart. “He and I obviously have a lot in common.”
Her Knitpicker friends giggled.
The retired men darted accusing looks at the man who had gulped down his espresso. Aha, I thought. They’re jealous because the Knitpickers are paying attention to someone besides them.
The distinguished gray-haired man got up and sauntered outside. Looking rather swoony themselves, the Knitpickers watched him leave.
The retired men watched the Knitpickers.
Before long, the two groups of retired people were teasing each other and laughing again.
I never saw the distinguished gray-haired man again. Whoever he was, he left a fabulous tip.

Perfect Match by Zoe May - Blog Tour

Perfect Match by Zoe May
Genre: Chic Lit, Romance
Rating: 4/5

When is the moment to say enough, I can not take any more dates?
Kad had 71 ineffective dates, and she is ready to stop dating and continue single for life when her best friend asks for one last chance on a new dating page... So Kate decides that if it's the last one, maybe make it explosive, why not ask for the perfect prince?

"'But saying you want to meet the perfect man makes you sound really high-maintenance.' She pointedly raises an eyebrow, her fingers poised over the keyboard.
I shrug. 'You asked what I want my headline to be.'
'Fine! Well let's hope there's a guy out there who's put, 'Would like to meet high-maintenance woman.' Kate types it in.
'Do you know what?' I declare, gesticulating with my wine glass. 'Maybe it's about time I start being a bit more high-maintenance. Raise the bar. No more loserish guys. Let's go back to the age range.'"

Since the first moment we know that Daniel has something more, something to hide... Is he abusive? Not abusive, but always wants to win. Is he Egocentric? A little... Snob? Oh yes! But Kate doesn't see any faults in the perfect Daniel, he is simply her prince charming!
This is not just a comedy to entertain us while we are reading, it's a self-esteem book that we always should remember, love is important, but before we can love someone else, we have to respect ourselves. Of course everyone has faults, perfection doesn't exist, and let me say that I wouldn't like to stay with anyone that thinks that is perfect, how horrible! But at the same time I can understand the need of Kate to find someone perfect for her, but it's more the need to find the perfect prince than finding someone perfect for her, and that's when everything goes wrong, because perfect only exists on paper. And sadly, Daniel really thinks he is perfect...
This had been a quick read, but at the same time a critique to the date sites and the pressure of our society to find a partner. We should remember that sometimes two is multitude, and if we don't love ourselves no one will.
When is the moment to say enough?

Deep Blue Trouble by Steph Broadribb - Blog Tour

Deep Blue Trouble by Steph Broadribb
Genre: Action, Thriller
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4'5/5

Lori Anderson is a bounty hunter, a hard job for a woman, but she is intelligent, bold and has principles and she is good, really good.
This time, it seems that she will have an easy job, catching a fugitive prisoner in exchange to take her friend out of prison (who was wrongly convicted). Making a pact with an FBI agent seems like a good deal... but maybe she made a pact with the devil...

"I went back through the security checks and the airlock doors in a daze. I was taking the deal, whatever JT said. It was the right thing to do, the necessary action to take. And sure, I knew I should have told him about Dakota's illness, but he frustrated the hell out of me. I didn't have time for his strong-and-silent bullshit; I needed him alive, for our daughter's sake, and I was going to make damn sure that happened. Everything else, I would just have to leave to fate."

This is another addictive story from our favourite bounty hunter; Lori Anderson. She is a strong character, but her life has never been easy, now she has a lovely daughter and she is ready to do anything in her hands to keep her safe and alive. She knows she risks her life on every assignment, but she knows too that being a mother is not easy and has to do whatever she can to be there for her daughter.
Steph Broadribb not only writes some very addictive novels (I was so addicted to Lori's case that I didn't sleep till I finished the story!), but her characters are well written, interesting and human. Yes this is a non-stop novel, but let me say that you will love it from the first till the last page! 
I liked how in this job Lori seems more realistic and understands that she needs help, maybe not her first choice, but if she wants to continue alive she will have to trust someone else. This will make her vulnerable, but having friends is not something easy...
I can not forget to talk about JT, the other main character of this story, he is in prison for something he hasn't done, but he prefers to be there than knowing that Lori and his daughter are in danger, sadly the bad men have other intentions and he will have to take a decision, for bad or worse... And let me say I can not wait to know how these two will continue in their next adventure, because it promises a lot of high voltage!
This is the continuation of Deep Down Dead, so I highly recommend you to read it before you start this one.
What would you do to keep your daughter safe?

25 January 2018

Classic But Modern by Alexey Kondakov

The artist Alexey Kondakov has decided to mix up some of the classical figures we could find in Classic Paintings to modern photos, and the result is quite original, take a look!

A Flower Or A Pencil?

If you take a look at all the beautiful stationery you can find online (if you've never search for it) you would want to buy everything. There are so many cute and original things that you can not find on the store that all the original things you'll see will seem perfect!

Today I discovered these beautiful and original pencils from the Otomo Design Studio, that they would seem normal, but if you take a deep look you could see that they have the form of some beautiful flowers!

Take a look...

How many do you want? ;)

22 January 2018

50 Amazing Animal Facts

Some curious animal information that will blow your mind!

50 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Blow Your Mind #Infographic

Savi Style, The Hair Tie Bracelet

Today I want to share with you a product that has changed my life. I am one of those women that always has a pony tail or a bun, having my hair straight is noisy and take too much time for my taste. So when I found the Savi Sleek, a bracelet that can hold the hair tie without making any marks and being like a bracelet, I thought I should have one, simply to try. I was one of their backers in the Kickstarter campaign and this Christmas I received the product, two bracelets; one black and one violet, so I just had to try and decide if they are really worth the money!

Let me say that my experience has been great, I bought the black one to wear everyday and the violet for summer, but it seems that my favourite one now is the violet and the black is the replacement in case I loose the other!

I bought the small size, you can find on their site the size of the bracelets to know exactly which size fits better, but of course the problem of buying online is that you never know... this time the size fits perfectly, not tight and difficult to leave out through my wrist.
The other thing I wasn't quite sure was if the bracelet with the hair tie on it would be too tight, because you know that all the new rubbers leave mark, so I didn't know for sure if the Savi Sleek would be annoying. I slept with it for the last two weeks, and no problem at all!
There was another thing bothering me, would all the rubbers bands fit? Because the bracelet came with one, but what about the others? I can say that I only tried to other brands, but they fit in perfectly.
Yes, sometimes the rubber band fell of the bracelet, but I think just two times within these two weeks, so I am quite happy.

If you are looking for something stylish and useful to wear your loved hair tie, don't doubt to take a look at the Savi Style colours, there are a lot to choose and the price is good, you don't need anything else! ;)

21 January 2018

Black for TIME'S UP

Do you know the charity Time's Up
Time's Up is a movement demanding an end to sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the work place.
Time's Up in partnership with Condé Nast they started an initiative that will raise money for the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund through the auctioning off of the black dresses and tuxedos worn by the nominees, presenters and attendees of the 75th Golden Globes earlier this month in eBay.
Some of them start at 25$ but I am sure they will rise up quickly, but you can always dream, can't you?